CWS LEGAL NOTICES of Cornerstone Wall Solutions Inc. (CWS), a Canadian company. CWS SOFTWARE is free, “as is” software that CWS makes publicly available, from time to time (and includesCORNERSTONE® Wall Calculator, CORNERSTONE® Wall Designer and MAXUMSTONE® Calculator).  The purpose of CSW Software is only to serve as a guide to assist CWS licensee(s) (and no-one else) in estimating the drainage volumes, the quantity of consumables and the like before undertaking a project involving CWS products (including Blocks).  Being an estimate only (without context of a project site), the user of CWS Software agrees not to rely on the estimate(s) from CWS Software, and instead, will obtain and rely solely on competent professional evaluation of every project and its actual site conditions.  Furthermore, CWS disclaims completely all legal liability (whether under contract, tort, common law, statutory, or another other cause of action) that is associated, or alleged to be associated, with use of CWS Software. The user, by using our Software, agrees to this complete disclaimer of liability. CWS INFORMATION.  Although CWS tries to be timely and accurate with the public information it presents – “CWS Information” (whether on CWS Websites or in electronic, printed or other format) – it assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions resulting from the use thereof.   CWS Information is provided, “as is” for informal reference only and is not a substitute for (and does not replace the need for) qualified professionals to be professionally involved on each installation site involving CWS products, and for their professional advice to be solely relied on.  Being for general information purposes only, CWS Information does not and cannot cover all possible situations. Site specific conditions must be evaluated by qualified professionals to prepare plans, designs and specifications appropriate for each project (including backfill aspects, design of walls, site equipment, and safety regulations), and CWS urges its licensee(s) to consult and rely on professional advice for the well-being of all (including CWS, its licensee(s), manufacturer, project manager, work-crew and of course, for the well-being of the end-user).  As a particular aspect of the foregoing (due to changing regulatory practices and in spite of CWS’s continuously best efforts to keep current), CWS Information may not (in every instance and at all times) comply with all building code requirements, masonry “best practices” and similar (whether mandatory or high advisable) – including those from National Concrete Masonry Association, ASTM, ACM, NCMA, ISO, BSEN, AASHTO or other standards that are implicated or applicable to a particular project site – and accordingly, each project must be reviewed by qualified professionals for regulatory compliance and “best practices” on a site-by-site basis. A user of CWS Information does so at its own risk and assumes all liability for such use.  CWS urges purchasers and users of CWS products and technologies (including making CWS blocks), to exercise diligence and care in the selection, design, installation and use of construction materials. CWS DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES OR LOSSES OF ANY KIND OR NATURE TO PERSON(S) OR PROPERTY, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, ATTORNEYS’ FEES OR COSTS, ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THE USE OF CWS INFORMATION, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WORK THAT MAY BE PERFORMED BY CONTRACTORS OR INSTALLERS. A USER OF CWS INFORMATION, WAIVES ANY AND ALL CLAIMS AGAINST CWS, ITS LICENSEES, AFFILIATES AND THEIR PRINCIPALS, AND WILL HOLD THEM HARMLESS FOR ANY DAMAGES OR LOSSES OF ANY KIND TO PERSON OR PROPERTY, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, ATTORNEYS’ FEES OR COSTS, ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THE USE OF CWS INFORMATION, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE SELECTION, DESIGN, INSTALLATION OR USE OF ANY MATERIALS, STRUCTURES, COMPONENTS OR ASSEMBLIES. CWS LICENSEES and CONSUMABLES (including Molds).  Each purchase of a consumable from CWS is subject to CWS’s standard terms and conditions associated therewith.  Notwithstanding anything in these LEGAL NOTICES, the legal relationship between CWS and a licensee is exclusively governed by the legal documentation formally executed by them. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES.  CWS’s Blocks and consumables are protected by various legal means and properties (including statutory and common law properties such as patents, designs, copyright, confidential information and trademarks and trade secrets).  Trademarks of CWS include CORNERSTONE® and MAXUMSTONE®.  Other marks that may appear on CWS (electronic and/or printed) materials are owned by their respective owners.  The contents and expressions of CWS Information are literary, artistic, audio-visual or similar works that are protected by copyright (whether as individual or collective works) owned by CWS (or expressed under license).  ©1997-2020  Cornerstone Wall Solutions Inc.  All Rights Reserved. CWS WEBSITES (including and  Third-party websites that are not under CWS’s direct control, are used at user’s sole discretion.  For any links to such non-CWS Websites (whether directed to or from a CWS WEBSITE), CWS takes no responsibility and will not be liable in any way for the content of such websites or their use.  See CWS PRIVACY POLICY* and CWS TERMS OF USE*. UPDATES.  CWS may amend (without liability to visitors) these LEGAL NOTICES by posting an updated version on this page.  Therefore, check for updates regularly. Your continued use of our CWS Websites will be deemed acceptance of all updated terms these LEGAL NOTICES and associated legal provisions including PRIVACY POLICY* and TERMS OF USE* These LEGAL NOTICES were last updated on Jan 29, 2020. CONTACT US.  For any questions or concerns about your use of CWS Websites, please contact us by email at