Engineering Overview

Our online design center is complete with block specifications, CAD details and idea galleries. Deliver in-depth cross-sections, designs layouts and reports with MaxumStone’s powerful, user-friendly software to plan and drive projects forward. MaxumStone helps engineers and architects save time and minimize costs designing big block retaining walls. From residential and commercial applications to complex infrastructure development, our team of experts and valuable resources can help you successfully achieve creative designs that fit your project.

MaxumStone is proud to offer this insightful educational course outlining the key components and advantages of big block retaining wall systems through convenient online virtual training. Participants will learn from industry expert Vern Dueck, master wall builder and CornerStone inventor, about the inner workings, creative designs and successful ways to build durable, long-lasting retaining walls.

In addition to offering refined best practices, MaxumStone also provides support with respect to sales, customer support and technical resources. Discover more about how MaxumStone supports its Engineers here: