Design Options

Solutions For Any Project

The MaxumStone system is designed for complete versatility and offers innovative and effective methods of production and installation. Our hollow core blocks are engineered to efficiently adapt to any retaining wall application, maximize land usage while requiring 40% less concrete than solid concrete retaining wall systems.

Block Viewer

Experience the finished products with our fully interactive 3D model. Click to view the block from different angles and discover what makes MaxumStone so special!

Block Types

With a complete range of block units, the MaxumStone System provides solutions for any style or application of big block retaining walls. Enhance the workflow of your next big project with our intuitive hollow core retaining wall blocks.

Standard Unit

Standard Base Unit

Standard Top Unit

Half-High Standard Unit

Half-High Base Unit

Half-High Top Unit

Standard Corner/End Unit

Half-High Corner/End Unit


In addition to offering refined best practices, MaxumStone also provides support with respect to sales, customer support and technical resources. Discover more about how MaxumStone supports its Engineers  here: