Megasys Parking Lot


Magnum Forms/D&M Concrete


EarthWorks 2001 Inc.


Megasys Computer Technologies


Calgary, AB


XPS Construction


Curtis Engineering

MaxumStone Blocks Expand Business Parking Area

The expansion of Megasys’ business building, required additional parking be created by the City of Calgary to accommodate its growth. Megasys looked to minimize the footprint of the new parking stalls, while enhancing the aesthetics of the development. They chose MaxumStone for this commercial project because of the system’s minimal geogrid use, speed of installation and attractive facing.

Parking Lot Retaining Wall Details

At its tallest point the wall reaches 2.13 m. tall, 2.44 m. with embedment. The geogrid wall also features two beautifully curved 90° corners that surround the newly built parking spots. This application used a pelican colored anti-graffiti coating, which complemented the adjacent concrete. A wrought iron railing was also seamlessly installed through the hollow core of the MaxumStone blocks atop the wall.

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