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Durvet Inc.


Blue Springs, Missouri

Retaining Wall Enables Development Expansion

When Durvet Inc. needed a retaining wall to build their industrial warehouse, they went with the best on the market. MaxumStone’s precast block system was able to level and develop more of the property’s usable land. This project is an expansion development that supported a new warehouse, loading docks and parking areas for a growing business.

MaxumStone’s Outstanding Block Design

The MaxumStone retaining walls, located in Blue Springs, Missouri, were installed quickly due to the large size and lightweight units. MaxumStone blocks cover 0.74 sq. m. of facing per block and have a hollow core design for exceptional drainage. In total, the combination of MaxumStone retaining walls will reach approximately 930 sq. m., reaching a maximum height of 4.8 m.

For more information on MaxumStone’s geogrid reinforced or MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) structures, check out MaxumStone geogrid retaining wall designs. To gain further insight about MaxumStone’s block pricing and more, Contact us today.



Photos: Midwest Block & Brick