Aspen Heights Calgary Retaining Wall


D&M Concrete Products


Earthworks Inc.


Apex Land Development


Calgary, Alberta

Total Blocks

557 sq. m.

Maximum Height

7.9 m.

Terraced Plantable Retaining Wall Design

MaxumStone was chosen for an expansive residential development in the southwest region of Calgary Alberta, renowned as the Aspen Heights Calgary retaining wall. The large sweeping terraced walls wrap the southwest corner of the Aspen Heights development, raising the property and allowing for the construction of exquisite luxury homes.

MaxumStone’s Random Boulder Block Facing

The average home price is in the millions of dollars, therefore aesthetics were an important factor in selecting the proper retaining wall system. The MaxumStone random boulder face was chosen for it aesthetics and functionality, as the hollow core blocks allowed for creative engineering. Its plantable retaining wall design is comprised of terraces where shrubs are planted into the hollow core blocks. The top terrace has a fence built directly into the hollow core blocks to maximize use of this valuable land.

Growing Popularity of Plantable Retaining Wall Designs

The maximum height with all three terraces  reaches a significant 8m. Filter fabrics were used for soil separation and washed rock for drainage in the hollow cores. The Aspen Heights plantable retaining wall design’s MaxumStone blocks offered flexibility for trees to be planted, which softens the look of this large concrete wall. A total of approximately 557 sq. m. of MaxumStone block face area was installed for this tremendous project.


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