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Achieve your vision with our proven, engineered big block retaining wall system. Save time and deliver dynamic wall solutions you can be proud of for generations.

Design Details Make a Big Difference.

MaxumStone’s licensed territories allow you exclusive rights and access to produce for and protect your own regional market. While MaxumStone provides ongoing expertise and support to our Producers, we allow Producers full creative freedom when it comes to marketing and promotion. MaxumStone’s big block retaining wall system offers high-strength, everlasting solutions thanks to its advanced hollow core block design. These engineered large precast blocks use 40% less concrete than solid block systems to deliver supreme versatility that easily fits any retaining wall design or application.

Save time and produce full in-depth wall layouts, CAD details, cross-sections with virtually unlimited parameters including seismic, live & dead loads, and any elevations for site requirements.

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Save Valuable

Save Valuable

Our trusted hollow core system makes installations simple and efficient, as each large precast concrete retaining wall block covers 0.74 sq m. Minimize installation time, save big on labor and build beautiful MaxumStone walls that you and your customers will be proud of.

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Increase profit margins and product lines with MaxumStone’s all-inclusive precast big block retaining wall system. Optimize your factory floor space and production time with MaxumStone’s versatile concrete forms to deliver world-class retaining wall solutions for your exclusively protected territory.

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From retaining wall planning and design to installation and technical support, MaxumStone and our valued global partners are with you every step of the way. With decades of industry expertise, MaxumStone is prepared to help your retaining wall projects become long-standing success stories.